Products are more and more comparable. What attracts Customers to buy from us?
The answer sound simple, but it is actually quite hard to implement in an organisation: Customer Orientation

downloadThe term Customer Orientation means in business administration the aspects of process orientation and marketing orientation. It puts the dependency of companies on the customer in the center of corporate decisions. A lack of customer orientation can reduce sales or earnings. Lacking Customer Orientation is often based on corporate culture, the structure and in less effective or intransparent processes.



  1. Customer Survey
    We put a self-reflection compared to customer-reflection at the beginning of every Customer Orientation project. We design a specific Customer Survey fitting to the organisation and their market.
    • What makes you special for your Customers?
    • Why do Customers buy from you?
    • What do your Customers expect from you?
    Our examination builds the base for the next steps.

  2. Self-reflection / customer-reflection
    The comparison of the Customers perspective compared to the internal perspective done by the management opens your mind in order to recognise some blind spots

  3. In order to make Customers happy, put Employees first
    Customers are the oil of your engine. In step 2 we started to implement a model where the power of your employees is in direct relation towards the benefit for your Customers. Leadership, Corporate Culture, Team Performance and Processes are addressed based on the fact findings.
    The motor "Organization" will be fine tuned towards the top performance, being needed in order to be competitive on the Market.