A team scavenger hunt in an extraordinary way!

Our scavenger hunt is perfect for teams or departments who do not work that close together in every day life. It fits perfectly for incentive oriented fun with the possibility to learn to know the others in a very effective way. ADVENTOUR AUSTRIA is exactly the program you are looking for.

In ADVENTOUR AUSTRIA you are challenged to get creative solutions in small teams with the necessity to interact with the others in order to get the tasks done. The usage of GPS, Google Earth and various other tools makes you succeed as long as you are not being interfered by the active concepts-command centre.

The small teams start on different locations within a given area. You gotta solve the tasks within your team but you could also need the others ... And whenever you are on the right track, you will most likely meet the others for lunch.
After some good barbecue or similar and some first idea exchanges you will be faced by some exciting afternoon activities. Photos and videos will be the base for some reflections afterwards.

All together it can be summed up in a day full of fun, creativity and definitely new ways to see your colleagues.

Team performance, role allocation and the various impressions will be in the spotlight during the exciting round up of the day.


Location: Somewhere in Austria
Duration: 1 day

Gruppengröße: 8-180 Personen


€ 2.500,- Basic concept
€ 200,- per person (Package price for larger groups)

* All prices excl. VAT and excl. travel costs.

For this event our terms and conditions apply: General Terms and Conditions of active concepts GmbH.